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Originally Posted by fly me to the moon (View Post)
Thanks for those..

I still want to know what kind of deal that Ez decided to work w/ DEA?!?!

I never care about Ez/Emily since I feel like Emily and Miguel have more chemistry..

Plus glad that most of cast speak Spanish since I was so worry that they won't..

Plus it seems that Emily knew what she's getting into w/ Miguel, so In ever understand why she want to leave Miguel for Ez?? But of course, it's all drama.. *deep sigh*
I'm curious about the deal as well. I honestly see EZ getting screwed one way or another in this deal if I'm being completely honest..

Pretty sure they're going with Emily and EZ still love each other after all these years. Which is very true. And also the whole, Miguel lying to Emily so she can't trust him while EZ tells her the truth when she asks.... I'm assuming this is where they're going with it. Plus Sarah did an interview where she said she doesn't think Emily will make it too long if she's in situations where she can't choose things/make decisions for herself....
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