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EX killed a cop and was going to prison for life but the cop was dirty so they shaved 8 years off his sentence plus he has a deal with the DEA that if he gives them enough intel to put Miguel and other members he'll walk free

I love the difference between Jax And EZ: Jax grew up around the MC and it was his future whereas EZ wants nothing to do with them and was headed to Stanford originally.

I actually think Angel is more interesting than EZ

Like Tara in SOA Emily seems very intelligent with common sense so how she's willingly having a family with the leader of the cartel is ridiculous. I know they hinted that Emily had an abortion but I'm willing to bet their kid is out there somewhere IE: adopted

"She got the best of me, she broke my heart, all that's left of me is bleeding in this guitar. Every night a different town, she follows me around, so you get what's left of me"
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