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Originally Posted by fly me to the moon (View Post)
^ Yeah, that's what I was saying about the deal bec I have feeling that he will get screw or feel overwhelm on what he just realize when he decide to help them..

Plus Angel and that DEA agent, it seems that they have relationship or secret relationship, so I wonder what will happen if thing go down..

Ahh, no wonder.. Thanks for mention on Sarah's comments since I haven't see any of their interview..
Yeah. I just think it's too good to be true that everything works out well for EZ, especially this soon, in this type of show. I'm thinking the cartel and then eventually Miguel will find out the truth and crap will go down. Which may be the catalyst, along with EZ helping find her son, for Emily leaving Miguel.

There is definitely something going on between them or has been or almost is.

You're welcome. I saw it on Twitter yesterday.... or maybe it was Tumblr. It was one of the two.

Originally Posted by Ropetuned (View Post)
EX killed a cop and was going to prison for life but the cop was dirty so they shaved 8 years off his sentence plus he has a deal with the DEA that if he gives them enough intel to put Miguel and other members he'll walk free.

Like Tara in SOA Emily seems very intelligent with common sense so how she's willingly having a family with the leader of the cartel is ridiculous. I know they hinted that Emily had an abortion but I'm willing to bet their kid is out there somewhere IE: adopted
Thankfully the truth got found out instead of EZ rotting in prison for longer.

I wonder that, too. Maybe we'll get flashbacks on them. I feel like it could be that in the beginning she didn't know anything and he just made her feel good and she fell for him before finding out the truth. They do say love is blind, so maybe that's it. Even strong women fall for that. I feel it could have something to do with having lost EZ and needing to fill that void. But I don't think it's ever been mentioned how long Emily and Miguel have been together. So I have no idea.

I agree. It would be a missed opportunity for their kid to have been aborted instead of given up for adoption. Some are speculating that the boy EZ helped in the Pilot could be the kid. I kind of agree because it'd seem so out of the blue for a random kid, but it could also just have been more proof that EZ is good no matter what he does while keeping up the charade in the cartel.
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