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Damien Darhk | Neal McDonough #11: "I wanna be clear about something. I have shown you repeatedly that you cannot beat me."

Damien Darhk |
portrayed by Neal McDonough

just have a little faith
Make Them Laugh
green eyes sparkle


lot episodes;
Pilot, Part 1
Out of Time
The Chicago Way
Raiders of the Lost Art
The Legion of Doom
Fellowship of the Spear

previous threads

#1: "Oh you don't know who I am, do you? I'm Damien Darhk."
#2: Because we get to see him be kickass without relying solely on his magic.
#3: Because he is going to try to change his destiny.
#4: Because he calls himself "stone cold heart" but will destroy those who messes with his family.
Damien Darhk | Neal McDonough #5: Because Neal portrays Darhk confident arrogance side to perfection.
#6: Because Darhk wanted to unleash a zombie speedster against one of his teammates.
#7: B/c when you aren't enjoying him as the villainous Darhk, enjoy him as heroic Flash in Injustice.
Damien Darhk | Neal McDonough #8: B/c let's reintroduce you to our newest Darhk series regular of LoT!
#9: B/c we love that Neal just keeps popping up everywhere!

#10: "You're not a killer, you're a Tin Man."

He may have left his badge at my place.
He left it at your place?

All right, maybe I lifted it off of him in the morning.

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