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Originally Posted by Austenphile (View Post)
Here’s where I stand regarding Grace. She’s conflicted. She loves both of them. Danny is easier right now but she knows the right thing for the family, especially Cal is to be with Ben. However, being with Ben means opening herself up to refeeling all the hurt. But she has got to quit saying things like she is cheating on Danny with her husband. And she has to completely cut Danny out of her life or completely break with Ben before I can sympathize. She cannot keep telling Ben she’s committed to him and then act otherwise when he is not around.
I agree she should decide, and not act one way in one situation and the other in another. I get that she's conflicted. She needs to make the decision based on what she wants/needs and not on how she thinks she should feel. I hope she decides and doesn't keep both men uncertain of what she wants.
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