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Title is perfect!

Neal and Kate - I don't believe she felt for him what he felt for her. She seemed to be using him a lot and leading him on. Just no.

Derek and every woman he was with throughout the show - Jeff Davis really did him dirty. Poor Derek deserved way better.

Ross and Rachel - They both brought out the worst in each other. Ross was too controlling and possessive and Rachel went back to being the girl who did everything that the guys in her life wanted her to do instead of following her own dreams.

Chuck and Blair - Chuck was a disgusting pig. Blair deserved better. That simple.

Leonard and Penny - Leonard treats Penny like a trophy wife. And Penny lets him. Where's the Penny I fell in love with at the beginning of the series? I miss her. They are their worst selves together.

Amy and Sheldon - If the roles were reversed and Sheldon treated Amy the way she treats him, people would be throwing huge fits. But because a woman treats a guy that way, it's alright? I think not. Gross.

Hayley and Jackson - He was her brainwashed stalker. He was very toxic for and to her. He and his grandmother were constantly emotionally manipulating her. Good guy my ass. And Hayley was not her true self with him either.

Elijah and Antionette - She lied to him from the get go. Her family kidnapped, tortured, and basically killed his true love and she never showed any remorse. Need I say more?

Bill and Sookie - Need I really make a list to explain myself. Let's just leave it at, he let her get damn near killed just so he could feed her his blood. That right there is enough to be disgusted by them without getting into the rest of why they're wrong.

Miguel and Emily - I don't care the reason, I will never ship a ship that has added domestic abuse to their resume.

Eddie and Chloe - She was one of the people in the car that killed his mother. And then she changes her name and gets him to fall for her all the while not telling him the truth about anything. Ew. Freak no!

Alex and Jo - Jo honestly doesn't deserve Alex. I know she was afraid when he beat up Deluca, but she totally up and left him. But when she damn near beat that one guy to death she was more than ready to let Alex take the fall for her. She's completely jealous of Alex and Meredith's friendship. Derek kind of was too when he was alive, but no where near the pettiness high school type reacting like Jo. Also, Jo having a gun in the same house as Alex storyline. Like, you've been together for a while now and you don't know that Alex got shot and damn near died and he wouldn't want a gun anywhere in his house. There are more reasons, too, but this is already a paragraph long.
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