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♥ 50 Zen Moments from Season 1 ♥

1. Because Hyde tried to comfort Jackie at the ski cabin ("Ski Trip")
2. Because Hyde took Jackie to the prom ("Prom Night")
3. Because Hyde was clearly impressed with Jackie fixing Red's car ("Career Day")
4. Because Jackie said the answer was "probably no" if Hyde wanted to make out with her ("The Best Christmas Ever")
5. Because Hyde imitated Jackie's way of speaking ("That '70s Pilot")
6. Because Hyde told Jackie she looked beautiful. ("Prom Night")
7. Because Jackie offered to go inside Hyde's house and meet his mother ("Prom Night")
8. Because Hyde wanted to know how much longer he'd have to deal with the whole "Jackie" experience. ("That '70s Pilot")
9. Because Jackie danced in Hyde's "space," and he told Kelso to take her with him on his way out of the basement ("That Disco Episode")
10. Because Jackie kissed Hyde on the cheek and it was really sweet. ("Prom Night")
11. Because Hyde tried to make Jackie feel better by saying that Pam Macy's ass looked fat in that dress. ("Prom Night")
12. Because Hyde got Jackie a corsage ("Prom Night")
13. Because Jackie told Hyde, she knew he would clean up good. ("Prom Night")
14. Because after Jackie said "Eww" when finding out Hyde's mom was Gross Edna, she felt bad and immediately said, "Cool" ("Career Day")
15. Because Hyde was angry Eric was lying to Jackie about the keg party since that was Hyde's job. "I lie to Jackie." ("The Keg")
16. Because Jackie called Hyde a "big fat jerk" when he didn't think he should apologize to Kelso for laughing at his fall off the Water Tower ("The Water Tower")
17. Because the conversation they had in the kitchen was both cute and funny. ("The Best Christmas Ever")
18. Because Hyde told Jackie -- when she couldn't hear him -- to wrap the headphone cord around her neck after she wanted to listen to the Peter Frampton solo again ("That Disco Episode")
19. Because Hyde helped Jackie and Kelso get back together ("Prom Night")
20. Because Hyde barely touched Jackie while they danced, as if he were uncomfortable ("Prom Night")
21. Because Hyde thought being married to Jackie would be "freaking terrifying" ("The Pill")
22. Because Hyde actually held Jackie when he tried to comfort her about her break up ("Ski Trip")
23. Because Jackie told Hyde (and Kelso) to stop ruining Eric's chances at clique-jumping ("Eric's Buddy")
24. Because Jackie and Hyde often flashed each other dirty looks (various S1 episodes).
25. Because when Jackie was crying, the look Hyde gave her from the chair was cute. ("Ski Trip")
26. Because Hyde stopped drinking his beer to comfort Jackie ("Ski Trip")
27. Because Hyde told Jackie that Pam Macy would do it with anybody ("Ski Trip")
28. Because Jackie seemed to question Hyde's sanity when he said he and Donna were going to study (together) on Valentine's Day ("The First Date")
29. Because Hyde didn't shove Jackie off him when she "cried" in his lap ("Prom Night")
30. Because Jackie told Kelso that her prom date was better than him in every conceivable way, and then asked Hyde to be her date. ("Prom Night")
31. Because when they danced together at prom, it was cute and sweet. ("Prom Night")
32: Because Jackie called Hyde and Kelso both idiots for enjoying when the other gets hurt ("The Water Tower")
33. Because Hyde's answer to Kelso why he took Jackie to Prom was, "She cried, man!" ("Prom Night")
34. Because Hyde was sweet to Jackie at Prom. ( "Prom Night")
35. Because Hyde told Eric to tell Jackie the Fonz could beat up Bruce Lee so she'd go home ("The Battle of the Sexists")
36. Because there was tension between Jackie and Hyde from the start of the show ("That '70s Pilot").
37. Because you could picture them together from the beginning if you believe opposites attract.
38. Because Hyde was clearly affected by Jackie -- for good or for ill.
39. Because even their arguing and bantering was fun to watch back in the beginning.
40. Because Hyde wore a huge purple bow tie and a ruffled lavender shirt for Jackie during the prom.
41. Because Hyde not only imitated Jackie's way of speaking (#5) but also mocked her facial expressions ("That '70s Pilot).
42. Because their prom picture was cute.
43. Because Hyde actually took a prom picture with Jackie
44. Because Jackie asked Hyde to drive to the prom.
45. Because Hyde asked Jackie if her father had car insurance -- then decided he didn't care.
46. Because the look Hyde gave Jackie after she called his mom " Gross Edna" was kind of sexy.
47. Because Jackie didn't know Hyde's mother was "Gross Edna" until Career Day.
48. Because even in season 1 you can start to see the similarities between Jackie and Hyde's parents ("Career Day").
49. Because Jackie refused to wear any of Edna's clothes, claiming that they're "whorey" ("Hyde Moves In").
50. Because Hyde wondered why she didn't find any of Edna's clothes to wear.

♥ 50 Zen Moments from Season 2 ♥

1. Hyde reveals Jackie's middle name to be "Beulah" ("Halloween")
2. Hyde teaches Jackie Zen ( "Cat Fight Club")
3. Jackie begins to hero-worship Hyde ("Moon Over Point Place")
4. Hyde tells the cop that the pot is his and not Jackie's ("Moon Over Point Place")
5. Hyde comforts Jackie when she cries. ( "Kelso's Serenade")
6. Hyde strokes Jackie's hair to comfort her ("Kelso's Serenade")
7. Hyde called Jackie doll ( "Kelso's Serenade")
8. Jackie bribed Hyde with a meal at the Sizzler -- "They have three different types of Jell-o" -- to get him to spend time with her ("Kelso's Serenade)
9. Hyde called Jackie Small Grasshopper. (" Cat Fight Club")
10. Jackie bought Hyde a new pair of (scuffed) boots ("Kelso's Serenade")
11. Jackie kissed Hyde on the side of the mouth. ("Kelso's Serenade")
12. Hyde admitted that Jackie was "nice." ("Kelso's Serenade")
13. Hyde tells Jackie she'll find somebody better than Kelso. Jackie: "But what if I never find anybody else?" Hyde: "Oh, you will, man. You'll find somebody great." ("Kelso's Serenade")
14. Hyde tells Jackie if he didn't know her -- and had never talked to her -- he'd find her "totally hot". ("Kelso's Serenade)
15. Hyde was impressed that Jackie kicked Laurie's ass. ("Cat Fight Club")
16. Jackie actually shined Hyde's boots ("Cat Fight Club")
17. Hyde looked proud when Jackie confused Donna with her Zen. ("Cat Fight Club")
18. Hyde said that having Jackie in the basement was better than having Laurie there because whereas Laurie's "like a big, cancerous tumor," Jackie's "like a tiny, benign cyst." ("Cat Fight Club").
19. Jackie was happy that Hyde said she was better than Laurie and gave him Monopoly money for it. ("Cat Fight Club")
20. Hyde defended Jackie in the circle -- "It's her first day" ("Cat Fight Club")
21. Jackie buys *Film* to try to impress Hyde. ("Moon Over Point Place")
22. Hyde is upset that Jackie bought pot, as if he's afraid for/protective of her ("Moon Over Point Place")
23. When Jackie breaks up with Kelso she runs to Hyde for comfort. ( "Kiss of Death")
24. Jackie signed herself and Hyde up for roller-disco lessons at Skateworld ("Moon Over Point Place)
25. When Hyde wondered why Jackie always came to him. ("Kiss of Death")
26. When Jackie clung to Hyde's arm and had an iron grip on his hand -- and fight as Hyde might to free himself, he couldn't ("Moon Over Point Place")
27. Jackie tried to beat Hyde up when he revealed her middle name. ("Halloween")
28. Jackie tells Hyde that he's "one of the coolest, sweetest guys" she's ever met. ("Moon Over Point Place")
29. Hyde laughed at Jackie's middle name again while burying the files. *Snickerss Beulah* ("Halloween")
30. When Jackie surprise-kisses Hyde in her car ("Kelso's Serenade").
31. Hyde said, "No! Bad Jackie!" but didn't seem to mind as much as he let on that Jackie kissed him. ("Kelso's Serenade")
32. Jackie tells Hyde, "No offense, but with an alcoholic mom and an absent dad, you were bound to end up in jail sooner or later." ("Halloween")
33. Hyde was clearly affected by what Jackie said about him being in Jail. ("Halloween")
34. When Hyde tries to get cheating Kelso caught by convincing Jackie to "surprise" Kelso (and Laurie) ("Vanstock")
35. Hyde told Jackie she couldn't let the Canadians win, so she would come to Vanstock. ("Vanstock")
36. Hyde sings the Three's Company theme song with Jackie and Laurie to make Kelso uncomfortable... and to hint "subtly" to Jackie about what was happening between Kelso and Jackie ("Vanstock").
37. Hyde shooed Jackie into the van and told her to hide so she could catch Kelso in the act. ("Vanstock")
38. Hyde tries to get cheating Kelso caught by asking him in front of Jackie how Laurie's shirt got into his room ("Laurie Moves Out").
39. Jackie didn't want Hyde (or Fez) at her small, classy party ("Burning Down the House").
40. Hyde showed up to Jackie's party anyway. ("Burning down the house")
41. Jackie announces to the gang that Hyde went to jail for loving her ("Moon Over Point Place").
42. Jackie tells Hyde that he doesn't know her as well as he thinks he does. ("Moon over Point Place")
43. Hyde calls Jackie a square ("Moon Over Point Place").
44. Hyde questions Jackie "What, so you wanna be a burnout now?" ("Moon over Point Place")
45. Jackie goes straight into Hyde's arms after breaking up with Kelso ("Kiss of Death").
46. Hyde seemed to like when Jackie kissed him on the side of the mouth. ('Kelso's Serenade")
47. Hyde told Jackie if the boots she bought him were a bribe to spend more time together, she could take them back ("Kelso's Serenade")
48. Hyde showed off the boots that Jackie bought him. ("Kelso's Serenade")
49. Hyde admits to Donna he's "laying traps left and right" to get cheating Kelso caught ("Vanstock")
50. The way Hyde said, "Hi, Jackie," was funny. ("Laurie Moves Out")

♥ 50 Zen Moments from Season 3 ♥

1. Hyde still kept his mouth shut about the pot being Jackie's even after Red kicked him out of the house ("Reefer Madness")
2. Hyde punched out Chip for calling Jackie a bitch. ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
3. Hyde was protective of Jackie when Chip said all he wanted to do was nail her: "You should probably think about that, man. You know, I mean, Jackie's kinda young, and she's only had, like, one boyfriend, so..." ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
4. Hyde asked and took Jackie on a "freakin' date". ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
5. Hyde didn't want the date to end when Jackie got fed up with him and coaxed her back to the Lincoln ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
6. Their first kiss was hot. ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
7. Hyde touched his lips after his first kiss with Jackie, having clearly felt something emotionally ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
8. Hyde wasn't opposed to doing it with Jackie. ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
9. Hyde gave Jackie his jean jacket to wear ("Jackie Bags Hyde").
10. Hyde says about Jackie, "Mrs. Forman, if I like her, shoot me," and Mrs. Forman responds my pretending to shoot him. "POW!" ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
11. Hyde came up with a million reasons why he couldn't like Jackie, all of which were just excuses. ("Jackie bags Hyde")
12. Jackie brought Chip to the Formans' barbecue to make Hyde jealous -- and it worked. ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
13. Jackie pictures Hyde as her Knight in Shinning Armor. ("Jackie Bags Hyde"
14. Jackie grasps Hyde's hand in The Hub, and he tries to free himself, but she keeps grabbing on. ("Reefer Madness")
15. Jackie wanted to roller-disco with Hyde. ("Roller Disco")
16. Jackie writes in her notebook, "Mrs. Jackie Hyde. Dr. and Mrs. Hyde," etc. ("Reefer Madness")
17. Jackie keeps trying to hug Hyde in the basement, and he kind of resists -- but doesn't look like he is trying that hard. ("Reefer Madness")
18. Hyde comes up with a spontaneous haiku to express his feelings for Jackie ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
19. Jackie said no words had ever hurt her more from Hyde's Haiku. ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
20. Hyde tells Kelso he could've been a man and forgiven Jackie for wrecking his van -- "but, no. You wanted to do the math." ("Baby Fever")
21. Hyde helps Jackie total up how much she and Kelso owe each other, to prove that Kelso owes Jackie way more. ("Baby Fever")
22. Kelso didn't want Hyde going to his uncle's ice shack with the group because of how Hyde's presence might interfere with his plants of getting Jackie back ("Ice Shack")
23. Jackie puts Hyde's arm around her shoulders. ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
24. Hyde shares his pop with Jackie. ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
25. Hyde seemed okay and happy that Jackie put his arm around her. ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
26. Jackie puts her hand(s) on Hyde's knee(s) ("Red Sees Red" and "Jackie Bags Hyde")
27. Jackie had a fantasy about taking Hyde in when Red kicked him out. ("Reefer Madness"
28. Jackie tells Hyde that "this hatred thing you have for me is just you protecting yourself" ("Red Sees Red")
29. Jackie tries to stop Donna from telling the Formans what happened because she wanted to rescue Hyde. ("Reefer Madness")
30. Jackie tells Hyde she's his safety line on the Cliff of Love. ("Red Sees Red")
31. Jackie tells Hyde he is worthy of love. ("Jackie bags Hyde")
32. Hyde tells Fez he did the right thing by not taking advantage of a drunk Jackie ("Roller Disco")
33. Hyde looked cute as Jackie's knight in shinning armor. ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
34. Jackie "stalks" Hyde -- i.e. follows him around everywhere (S3 episodes 1-8).
35. Jackie stares at Hyde in a love daze after he punches Chip out. ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
36. Jackie puts her arm around Hyde's shoulder ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
37. Hyde tells Jackie to stop staring at him while she is picturing him as a knight in shinning armor.
38. Hyde asks Jackie if she's dating a band ("Baby Fever")
39. Hyde seemed happy that Jackie wrecked Kelso's van. ("Baby Fever")
40. Hyde told Kelso to stop shouting about his wrecked van so he could enjoy it, but in the process, got Kelso to stop yelling at Jackie ("Baby Fever")
41. Hyde stuck up for Jackie at many occasions (various episodes season 3).
42. Hyde ushered Jackie (and Fez) frantically into his room when Red came into the basement ("Red Sees Red")
43. Hyde is drinking a beer when he is dressed like a knight while Jackie is starting at him. That is one badass knight. ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
44. Hyde breaks the egg Jackie gives Kelso to test his worthiness as a boyfriend ("The Trials of Michael Kelso")
45. Hyde had a sexy, funny laugh after he purposely broke the egg. ("The Trials of Michael Kelso")
46. Jackie kicks Hyde while fighting over Donna's Led Zeppelin tickets ("Fez Gets the Girl")
47. Hyde always laughed at Jackie's burns of Kelso. (various season 3 episodes)
48. Jackie presses her finger to Hyde's lips to shush him ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
49. Hyde pretended to cry on their first date. ("Jackie Bags Hyde")
50. Hyde said the date, pre-kiss, was no worse than bowling; and he doesn't hate bowling ("Jackie Bags Hyde")

♥ 25 Zen Moments from Season 4 ♥

1. Hyde scared of Wuffy (the Fun Land mascot) when he tried to molest Jackie ("Eric's Depression")
2. Hyde told Jackie, "The floor is shiny, and I can see your heiny." ("Jackie Says Cheese")
3. Hyde offers Jackie a low-five for her burn of Eric ("Bye-Bye Basement")
4. They danced together in the 100th. ("That '70s Musical")
5. Hyde guides Jackie out of the classroom by putting his hand gently on her lower back ("Class Picture")
6. Hyde and Jackie sit together on the table ("Class Picture")
7. Hyde catches Jackie when Donna shoves the Formans' kitchen door open (Hyde, Jackie, Kelso, and Fez were eavesdropping on her breakup with Casey Kelso) ("Love Wisconsin Style")
8. Jackie said the baby had her eyes and Hyde piped in with "and my hair". ("An Eric Forman Christmas")
9. Jackie stood beside Hyde and agreed when he said he wanted to "wrap the Dave" ("An Eric Forman Christmas")
10. Jackie made Hyde the Tin Man in her Oz fantasy. ("Tornado Prom")
11. Hyde draws a unibrow on a sleeping Jackie ("Tornado Prom")
12. Hyde laughed at the fact that Jackie made Kelso the scarecrow. ("Tornado Prom")
13. Jackie plants her hands on Hyde's stomach and kisses his cheek on his birthday, and he puts his hand on the small of her of her back in a partial hug ("Hyde's Birthday").
14. Hyde kept his hand on the small of her back even after the hug. ("Hyde's Birthday")
15. Jackie brings Big Rhonda to the get-Hyde-a-girlfriend party ("Hyde Gets the Girl")
16. Hyde loved the fact that Jackie cheated on Kelso with Todd the Cheese Guy. ("Jackie's Cheese Squeeze")
17. Jackie happily accepts the job of decorating the Pinciottis' for Hyde's surprise birthday party ("Hyde's Birthday")
18. Jackie asked Hyde what kind of decorations he wanted at his party ("Hyde's Birthday")
19. Hyde happily accepted Jackie's thrown-out cheese samples ("Eric's False Alarm")
20. Hyde told Kelso to beat up Todd the cheese guy, but seemed to love it when Todd hit Kelso instead. ("Jackie's Cheese Squeeze")
21. Hyde doesn't seem to think much of Jackie's claim that she and Kelso are getting married ("Love, Wisconsin Style")
22. Hyde told Jackie that he was decorating Kelso's van for her and Kelso, but he really was making it smell badly. ("Love, Wisconsin Style")
23. Hyde seemed to stare at Jackie and Kelso with anger/jealousy at the Snow Prom ("Tornado Prom")
24. Jackie grabs for Hyde's arm subtly at Fun Land ("Eric's Depression")
25. Hyde impishly implies what Kelso's "job" is (sperm donor) to Jackie after Kelso's bought her a pair of earrings ("Kelso's Career")

♥ 75 Zen Moments from Season 5 ♥

1. Hyde and Jackie start making out, seemingly out of no relationship ("Going to California")
2. Hyde tells Jackie he loves her. ("Nobody's Fault but Mine")
3. Jackie tells Hyde she loves him ("Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You")
4. Hyde stares at Jackie in a mixture of a love daze/cute smirk. ("Immigrant Song")
5. Hyde says to Kelso about Jackie that he's never "felt like this about a girl before" and he "wants to be with her," meaning he'll fight for her ("Immigrant Song")
6. Hyde shaved his beard off for Jackie ("Black Dog")
7. Hyde tried hard to figure out how to cheer Jackie up about her dad's imprisonment ("Black Dog")
8. Hyde gives Jackie his favorite T-shirt for her birthday. ("Whole Lotta Love").
9. Hyde was upset Jackie didn't tell him about her birthday. ("Whole Lotta Love")
10. Hyde shows up at Mrs. Forman's dinner party to keep Kelso's hands off Jackie ("The Girl I Love")
11. Hyde agrees to go to the Girl Scout Alumni Pancake Breakfast with Jackie because she asked nicely. ("The Girl I Love")
12. Hyde takes Jackie back after she says "I love you" without any expectations attached ("Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You")
13. Hyde held Jackie so close at the Valentines dance. ("Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You")
14. Hyde doesn't give into a "sure thing" (sex with a hot college student) because of Jackie. ("Over the Hills and Far Away")
15. Jackie told Hyde "Good to know" when Hyde told her he hadn't fooled around on her and was looking for reassurance she'd stayed faithful, too. ("Over the Hills and Far Away")
16. Hyde let it slip that he thinks of Jackie as his girlfriend ("Ramble On")
17. Hyde told Jackie she was coming along nicely ("Ramble On")
18. Hyde dug the fact Jackie blackmailed him ("Ramble On")
19. Hyde refused to let Jackie go home when nobody was there. ("Bring It On Home")
20. Hyde speaks to Donna out of concern for Jackie's welfare, asking Donna to approach Jackie differently -- so that Jackie will agree to staying with the Pinciottis ("Bring It On Home").
21. Hyde is close to tears when he tells Jackie he is sorry for cheating on her. ("Nobody's Fault but Mine")
22. Hyde gave Jackie a safe place to sleep (in his cot) for weeks without sex being part of the picture ("Bring It On Home")
23. Hyde and Jackie are play-fighting with a panda, and it's so cute. ("Trampled Under Foot")
24. Hyde admitted he actually listens to Jackie ("What Is and What Should Never Be")
25. Hyde offers to buy Jackie a cheeseburger wrapped in tinfoil. ("Hot Dog")
26. Hyde doesn't care what their friends say or want; he wants to be with Jackie ("I Can't Quit You, Baby")
27. Jackie doesn't care that she is " lowering her standards" for Hyde with him buying her a cheeseburger. ("Hot Dog")
28. Hyde tells Kelso he never felt "this way about a girl before" -- which beats their third-grade pact never to fight over a chick -- and he "wants to be with" Jackie ("Immigrant Song")
29. Hyde tries really hard to talk to Jackie even though she doesn't want anything to do with him and " feels nothing". (Immigrant Song")
30. Jackie takes the fall for Hyde's pot ("Misty Mountain Hop")
31. Hyde and Jackie kiss in the driveway in the background. ("Misty Mountain Hop")
32. Jackie pinches Hyde's nose when he wants another kiss in the driveway ("Misty Mountain Hop")
33. Hyde was upset that Jackie didn't tell him about the cabin's foreclosure. ("Misty Mountain Hop")
34. Hyde and Jackie hold hands after returning from the cabin ("Misty Mountain Hop")
35. Hyde thanks Jackie for trying to take the fall for the pot. ("Misty Mountain Hop")
36. Jackie and Hyde have a hot make out on Donna's bed ("No Quarter")
37. Hyde gets mad at Kelso for stealing Jackie's panties and makes him pay. ("No Quarter")
38. Hyde talks about Kelso cheating on Jackie with "a bunch of beach trash" disparagingly ("Whole Lotta Love")
39. Hyde admits he was being shaken down by a 95-pound brunette with pink toenails. ("The Girl I Love")
40. Hyde smirks in Jackie's direction when she says, "If we had a credit card, I'd be butt-deep in Jordache right now" ("The Battle of Evermore").
41. Jackie tries to comfort Hyde when he misses Leo. " Aww, Steven, you really did love that dirty old hippie." ("The Battle of Evermore")
42. Hyde plays with Jackie's hands ("Misty Mountain Hop")
43. Hyde touched Jackie's chin. ("What Is and What Should Never Be")
44. Jackie cashes in some savings bonds to help pay for Hyde's future college tuition ("The Crunge")
45. Hyde put his arm around Jackie when he sat down at the table. ("Trampled Underfoot")
46. Hyde and Jackie dance sexily together in Jackie's version of how she and Hyde got together ("I Can't Quit You, Baby")
47. Hyde and Jackie each had their own funny way of how they got together. ("I Can't Quit You, Baby")
48. The gang fantasizes Hyde as a cheerleader with Jackie ("Hot Dog")
49. Hyde and Jackie make out as twins in Kelso's Super Pals fantasy ("Ramble on")
50. Jackie and Hyde share a kiss at the table during Thanksgiving dinner ("Thank You")
51. Jackie pulls Hyde into a kiss on the stairs. ("Thank You")
52. Jackie and Hyde laugh and talk together while sitting on the stairs. ("Thank You")
53. Hyde invited Jackie to Thanksgiving. ("Thank You")
54. Hyde took Jackie's hand, and they fled the living room before Red's yelling at Eric began ("Thank You")
55. Hyde made sure to let Jackie know why he wanted her to have his favorite T-shirt, and he had a big smile on his face when she said she loved it. ("Whole Lotta Love")
56. Hyde and Jackie make out in front of the Formans' open fridge, and even after they deny that they're "together" to Mrs. Forman, they continue making out ("Going to California");
57. Hyde tells Jackie that her burning Eric to protect them was "so badass". ("Going to California")
58. Once everyone leaves the basement, Hyde jumps on top of Jackie, and they make out during the episode's closing credits ("Going to California")
59. Hyde let it slip he thinks Jackie is cute. ("Going to California")
60. Jackie calls Hyde "baby". ("I Can't Quit You, Baby").
61. Jackie told Hyde she would try to be less bossy. ("The Girl I Love")
62. Hyde tells Jackie right away that he slept with the nurse ("Nobody's Fault but Mine")
63. Hyde listens to country music because he is depressed over Jackie. ("Nobody's Fault but Mine")
64. Hyde keeps his arm around Jackie while they eat lunch at The Hub ("The Crunge")
65. Hyde kind of let it slip he sees a future with Jackie. ("The Crunge")
66. Hyde says he can get Jackie a hotel room ("Bring It On Home")
67. Jackie pushes away the blonde girl that wanted to touch Hyde's hair. ("Trampled Underfoot")
68. Hyde grasps Jackie's thigh above the knee -- and keeps his hand there -- while Fez recounts how he lost his virginity ("Whole Lotta Love")
69. Hyde kind of plays with Jackie's thigh after he grasps it while Fez tells the story of his lost virginity. ("Whole Lotta Love")
70. Hyde shared with Jackie in confidence that Eric hated the man-ring Donna got him ("Ramble On")
71. Jackie was so happy Hyde called her his girlfriend. ("Ramble On")
72. Hyde held Jackie's hand as he led her out of the basement ("Hot Dog")
73. Hyde held Jackie's hand as he led her out of the hub. ( "Nobody's Fault but Mine")
74. Jackie tells Hyde it was nice of him to get Eric the plane ticket to California ("Going to California")
75. Hyde and Jackie hold hands during the job fair ("Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?")

♥ 50 Zen Moments from Season 6 ♥

1. Hyde asks Jackie if she's made a decision between himself and Kelso yet ("The Kids Are Alright")
2. Hyde couldn't resist Jackie's pouty face and goes to the Christmas dance with her. ("Christmas")
3. Jackie tells Donna she's already chosen between Kelso and Hyde, and she's chosen Hyde ("The Kids Are Alright")
4. Jackie does a private cheer for Hyde. ("Christmas")
5. Hyde gives Jackie the kiss of her life ("The Kids Are Alright")
6. Hyde pats Jackie's butt. ("Magic Bus")
7. Hyde admits he missed Jackie calling him "Puddin' Pop" ("Magic Bus")
8. Hyde and Jackie make out on Donna's bed. ("Magic Bus")
9. Hyde leaves his ice cream to get Jackie a Vogue magazine ("Acid Queen")
10. Hyde shoves cake in Jackie's face before she can reveal Hyde's pet name for her in the circle. ("Magic Bus")
11. Jackie imagines herself and Hyde in a Grease fantasy ("The Kids Are Alright")
12. Hyde admits he does want to be with Jackie. ("Join Together")
13. Jackie apologizes first to a very stubborn Hyde ("Join Together")
14. Jackie and Hyde share a hot kiss on the driveway. ("Join Together")
15. Hyde sees Jackie in a wedding dress and blurts, "You're beautiful" ("Do You Think It's Alright?")
16. Hyde picks up Jackie and carries her into the fitting room, and it's kind of hot (until he slams the door on her). ("Do you Think It's Alright")
17. Hyde supports Jackie's head when she sits on the cot below him ("I Can See For Miles")
18. Hyde admits that Jackie getting to keep her cheerleading uniform "helps" him feel better after suffering through a high school dance for essentially no reason. ("Christmas")
19. Jackie makes over Hyde's room to make him feel like Laura freakin' Ingles ("I Can See for Miles")
20. Hyde admits he likes Jackie's decorating of the room. ("I Can See for Miles")
21. Hyde admits that Jackie makes him happy ("I Can See for Miles")
22. Hyde admits the twinkle lights were breath-taking and the pillows made him feel like Laura Ingles ("I Can See for Miles")
23. Hyde thought Jackie looked "ridiculously hot" in her bikini ("Join Together)
24. Hyde tried to resist Jackie's toe ring. ("Join Together")
25. Jackie shows her compassion for Hyde's rough childhood ("I'm Free")
26. Hyde led Jackie into the house to tell her more about his rough childhood. ("I'm Free")
27. Hyde presses his cheek against Jackie's temple with a great big grin on his face, after essentially confessing in the circle that Jackie makes him happy ("I'm a Boy")
28. Hyde relents and wears what Jackie wants him to wear at the dance. ("Christmas")
29. Hyde and Jackie share a playful background kiss ("Who Are You")
30. Hyde subtly taps Jackie's butt after he kisses her ("The Kids Are Alright")
31. Hyde follows a crying Jackie to comfort her (despite his complaints about it) ("Who Are You").
32. Hyde plays with Jackie's wrist (measures it) in the background. ("Going Mobile")
33. Hyde kisses the top of Jackie's head after measuring his wrist ("Going Mobile")
34. Hyde seemed intrigued if Jackie got a tattoo or not. ( "Join Together")
35. Hyde seemed impressed Jackie had sunk a shot with the basketball ("Who Are You")
36. Hyde held Jackie really close when they danced. ("Christmas")
37. Hyde and Jackie watch TV together on the couch. Hyde's arm is around Jackie's backs, and she smooths down his shirt a few times before Kelso barges in and separates them ("I'm a Boy")
38. Hyde playfully smiles at Jackie during his double-date dinner with Jackie, Kelso and Brooke. ("I'm a Boy")
39. Hyde wonders if Jackie "self-services" ("Happy Jack")
40. Hyde (along with the rest of the guys) gets worried that the girls would rather do it themselves rather than have a man do it. ("Happy Jack")
41. When Jackie asks whose hand is touching her in Eric and Donna's trailer, Hyde, Kelso, and Fez all reply, "I am," and Hyde scowls at Kelso and Fez ("My Wife")
42. Jackie leaps into Hyde's arms in the Grease fantasy. So cute. ("Join Together")
43. Jackie and Hyde have a very nice, intimate moment on Donna's bed ("Magic Bus")
44. Jackie told Hyde she thought she "lost her little Puddin' Pop forever." ("Magic bus")
45. Hyde held Jackie's hand as he led her out of Donna's room ("Magic Bus")
46. Jackie told Donna and Eric she couldn't keep her hands off her puddin' pop. ("Magic Bus")
47. Jackie reveals that Hyde has a pet name for her, too. ("Magic Bus")
48. Hyde plays with Jackie's jeans and kind of rubs her leg while they are cuddling in the chair. ("Magic Bus")
49. Jackie shows Hyde her butt during her private cheer for him ("Christmas")
50. Hyde leads Jackie into a passionate kiss after her private cheer. ("Christmas")

♥ 50 Zen Moments from Season 7 ♥

1. Hyde and Jackie stand close together on the water tower; his arm is around her back, and her arms are around his shoulders. ("Time Is On My Side")
2. Hyde protects Jackie from his girl-fight with Donna. ("Mother's Little Helper")
3. Hyde tells a disappointed Eric why he broke up Jackie and Donna's girl-fight: "Yours was gonna kill mine." ("Mother's Little Helper")
4. Jackie bakes cookies to try and cheer up Hyde. ("Surprise, Surprise")
5. Jackie defends Hyde to W.B. ("Let's Spend the Night Together")
6. To spare Jackie's feelings, Hyde tries to eat the cookies even though they were hard as rocks. ("Surprise, Surprise")
7. Jackie tries to comfort Hyde about W.B.s response toward him ("Let's Spend the Night Together")
8. Jackie and Hyde chuck the cookies at the guys. ("Surprise, Surprise")
9. During his first meeting with W.B., Hyde keeps his arm over Jackie's knees while they sit together on the organ bench. ("Let's Spend the Night Together")
10. Jackie tells W.B. that Steven is perfect. ("Let's Spend the Night Together")
11. Hyde calls Jackie his "chick" ["Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')"]
12. Hyde brings Jackie funnel cake at the car show. ["Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')"]
13. Hyde stays with Jackie all day at the car show ["Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')"].
14. Jackie feeds Hyde funnel cake. ["Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')"].
15. Jackie puts both her hands on Hyde's knee while they look at Betsy's baby pictures together ["(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"]
16. When Hyde sees Jackie crying, he sends Donna to talk with her. ("Street Fighting Man")
17. Hyde offers to drive Jackie home ("Street Fighting Man")
18. Hyde puts aside what he wants -- getting back together with Jackie -- so Jackie can feel empowered in her independence. ("On with the Show")
19. Donna teases Hyde about showing up at the TV station to tell Jackie he loves her, and he doesn't object. He smiles instead, anticipating seeing Jackie ("On with the Show")
20. Hyde tells Leo that maybe he does love Loud Girl. ("Until the Next Goodbye"
21. Jackie kisses Hyde when he gets home from a long day at the office and calls him "honey". ("It's Only Rock and Roll")
22.Jackie packs Hyde a lunch on his first day of work. ("It's Only Rock and Roll")
23. Jackie brings (or buys) Hyde a suit on his first day of work.
24. Jackie included a note in Hyde's lunch. ("It's Only Rock and Roll")
25. Jackie spreads rumors about Angie around the workplace as revenge for what Angie did to Hyde ("Angie").
26. Hyde told Jackie he'd love to have her as his partner on a game show called "Make that Girl Cry". ("Angie")
27. Hyde knows Jackie well enough to give her a clue that leads them to a Password win ("Who's Been Sleeping Here?")
28. Hyde wraps his arm around Jackie's hips, hugging her near him, while he's sitting and she's standing by him ("Who's Been Sleeping Here?")
29. Hyde and Jackie are chosen as Betsy's Godparents. ("Who's Been Sleeping Here?")
30. Jackie claims she and Hyde "win everything". ("Who's Been Sleeping Here?")
31. Hyde trusts Jackie enough to listen to her when she tells him to meet his father." ("Let's Spend the Night Together")
32. Hyde and Jackie clearly miss each other. ("Street Fighting Man")
33. Jackie gets turned on when Hyde says, "Flowchart". ("Rip This Joint")
34. Hyde grabs Jackie's hand after she's turned on by him saying, "Flowchart," and it seems like he wants to bring her to his room for some "fun-time" ("Rip This Joint")
35. Hyde says the listening pit at Grooves is "for listening to records and feeling up Jackie and stuff" ("You Can't Always Get What you Want")
36. Jackie and Hyde sit really close together, and Jackie leans her head on Hyde's shoulder. ("You Can't Always Get What You Want")
37. Jackie says that she loves that Hyde "taught [her] to love hitting it" (enjoying his stash) ("You Can't Always Get What You Want")
38. Hyde pulls Jackie to sit in his lap. ("Who's Been Sleeping Here")
39. Hyde watches Jackie's first public access show, even though they're broken up ("On with the Show")
40. Jackie tells WB that he should be making three copies of things from now on when she takes Hyde's key to the store, and Hyde doesn't object. ("You Can't Always Get What You Want")
41. Jackie hides behind Hyde's back when she insults Angie to W.B. ("2000 Light Years from Home")
42. Jackie sticks up for Hyde to W.B about promoting Angie. ("2000 Light Years from Home")
43. Jackie is welcoming to Angie upon meeting her for the first time -- because she's happy to be meeting Hyde's family ("Angie").
44. Jackie and Hyde share a cute kiss after Jackie gets revenge on Angie. ("Angie')
45. Jackie stands against Hyde lap while he sits at the Formans' kitchen bar, and he keeps his arm around her back and essentially holds her hand ("Angie")
46. Jackie (along with Kitty) convinces Hyde to call his father. [("I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"]
47. Jackie and Hyde sit shoulder-to-shoulder while judging who should get the bigger room in Kelso and Fez's new apartment ("2120 Michigan Ave")
48. Jackie follows Hyde to his room after a long day at work. ("Rip this Joint")
49. Hyde's "decided" that he's going to marry Jackie ("Short and Curlies")
50. Hyde goes to see Jackie in Chicago. ("Till the Next Goodbye")

♥ Hyde-Says-"I-Love-You"-To-Jackie-without-Saying-the-Words Episodes ♥

1. "Whole Lotta Love" (516) -- Hyde gives Jackie his favorite shirt for her birthday.
2. "Black Dog" (509) -- Hyde shaves his beard to cheer Jackie up.
3. "Bring It On Home" (519) -- Hyde gives Jackie a safe place to sleep for week.
4. "Immigrant Song" (524) -- Hyde stares at Jackie in a love daze.
5. "The Acid Queen" (604) -- Hyde abandons his ice cream to get Jackie a magazine.
6. "Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')" (718) -- Hyde stays with Jackie at the car show simply because she's "his chick".
7. "Christmas" (607) -- Hyde relents and goes to the Christmas dance with Jackie just because he couldn't resist her pouting.
8. "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" (514) -- Hyde takes Jackie back after the "Get off my boyfriend!" incident.
9. "What Is and What Should Never Be" (503) -- Hyde continues to see Jackie even with the problems it's causing between him and his friends.
10. "On With the Show" (716) -- Hyde congratulates Jackie on her television show.
11. "Misty Mountain Hop" (512) -- Hyde helps Jackie move the stuff out of the cabin even though they are fighting.
12. "Immigrant Song" (524) -- Hyde happily tells Jackie his realization that he still has a shot with her.
13. "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" (514) -- Hyde dances with Jackie and holds his hand to her heart after they got back together.
14. "Christmas" (607) -- Hyde wears the outfit Jackie (eventually) chooses for him.
15. "Immigrant Song" (524) -- Hyde tries to talk to Jackie when she comes in the basement, even though she doesn't want anything to do with him at the moment.
16. "Street Fighting Man" (714) -- Hyde offers Jackie a ride home.
17. "Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')" (718) -- Hyde buys Jackie funnel cake at the car show.
18. "Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')" (718) -- Hyde makes sure the funnel cake has extra sugar, just the way Jackie likes it -- without her having to ask (cut scene).
19. "Going Mobile" (624) -- Hyde measures Jackie's wrist and is being affectionate in the background.
20. "Do You Think It's Alright?" (618) -- Hyde's first reaction to seeing Jackie in a wedding dress is to say she's beautiful.
21. "Whole Lotta Love" (516) -- Hyde keeps his hand on Jackie's knees while Fez told his story.
22. "The Crunge" (510) -- Hyde offers to buy Jackie a cheeseburger wrapped in tinfoil.
23. "Black Dog" (509) -- Hyde is upset that he can't cheer up Jackie and seeks advice.
24. "Angie" (708) -- Hyde tells Jackie, "Yes," when she gives him a Valentine's Day card that says, "Be Mine?"
25. "Magic Bus" (603) -- Hyde admits he missed Jackie calling hiim pudding pop.
26. "Angie" (708) -- Hyde tells Jackie in gratitude, "If there was ever a game show called *Make That Girl Cry,* I’d go on with you."
27. "Black Dog" (509) -- Hyde tries to make Jackie feel better by giving her advice on seeing her dad, even though it backfired.
28. "I'm a Boy" (608) -- Hyde tells Jackie their relationship has been in "tip-top" shape since the minute he met her, implying that he's happy being with her.
29. "Ramble On" (505) --Hyde accidentally calls Jackie his girlfriend.
30. "I'm a Boy" (608) -- Hyde presses his cheek against Jackie's temple in the circle with the biggest grin on his face.
31. "Ramble On" (505) -- Hyde says Jackie is coming along nicely.
32. "Whole Lotta Love" (516) -- Hyde is unhappy he didn't know it was Jackie's birthday and says to her, "You should’ve told me, I would’ve got you something."
33. "Mother's Little Helper" (707) --Hyde protects Jackie in her girl-fight with Donna.
34. "Mother's Little Helper" (707) -- When Eric complains about Hyde breaking up the fight between Donna and Jackie, Hyde tells him, "Yours was gonna kill mine."
35. "Whole Lotta Love" (516) -- Hyde helps Jackie see why Kelso got her the sweater in the first place.
36. "Ramble On" (505) -- Hyde expresses his pride when Jackie blackmails him.
37. "Magic Bus" (603) -- Hyde just looks so happy to be back with Jackie while they were kissing on the bed.
38. "Celebration Day" (525) -- Hyde gathers firewood to sit next to Jackie and feed her marshmallows.
39. "Surprise, Surprise" (710) --Hyde spares Jackie's feelings about the cookies she baked for him, even though they were hard.
40. "What Is and What Should Never Be" (503) -- After Jackie gives a hair-based analogy, she asks Hyde if he's listening to her; he admits that he is.
41. "What Is and What Should Never Be" (503) -- Hyde grabs Jackie's chin after reassuring her about their relationship and being "creepy and unnatural".
42. "Immigrant Song" (524) -- Hyde says to Kelso that he's never "felt this way about a girl" before.
43. "Immigrant Song" (503) -- Hyde tells Kelso he's breaking their pact because he "wants to be with [Jackie]".
44. "Christmas" (607) -- Hyde holds Jackie real close while dancing with her at the dance.
45. "Sparks" (622) -- When Jackie expresses her worry to Hyde about his canoeing down a mountainside, he assuages her fear by telling her Kelso's the one doing it.
46. "Magic Bus" (603) -- Jackie reveals that Hyde has a nickname for her too.
47. "Man with Money" (616) -- When Jackie asks Hyde if she's his Donna, he says that idea doesn't apply to them because they're both good-looking.
48. "My Wife" (623) --Hyde guides Jackie to sitting on his lap.
49. Across Episodes from seasons 5-7 -- Hyde holds Jackie's hand when they walk together.
50. "Bring It on Home" (519) -- Hyde gets Donna to ask Jackie to live with her, in a way that wouldn't embarrass Jackie.

♥ Jackie-Says-"I-Love-You"-To-Hyde-without-Saying-the-Words Episodes ♥

1. "I Can't Quit You" (502) -- Jackie tells Hyde she likes how scruffy he is.
2. "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" (514) -- Jackie tells Hyde the only one she wants to fight for is him.
3. "The Crunge" (510) -- Jackie puts her hand on Hyde's foot and tells Kelso that "Steven has [her] heart."
4. "The Girl I Love (511) -- Jackie admits she can be bossy and asks Hyde to do something with her instead of demanding.
5. "Sparks" (622) -- When Jackie tells Hyde she's afraid he'll get hurt in the canoe.
6. "Misty Mountain Hop" (512) -- To protect Hyde from being kicked out of the Formans' house, Jackie takes responsibility for Kelso's pot.
7. "Hot Dog" (507) -- Jackie "lowers her standards" for Hyde and accepts his cheeseburger wrapped in tinfoil instead of jewelry.
8. "The Battle of Evermore" (517) -- Jackie helps Hyde search for Leo all around town
9. "Christmas" (607) -- Jackie does a private cheer for Hyde.
10. "The Crunge" (510) -- Jackie tells Hyde she'll cash in her savings bonds to help pay for his college tuition.
11. "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" -- Jackie says " she doesn't care" when Hyde said he wasn't saying I love you back.
12. "The Immigrant Song" (524) -- Jackie rushes to the hospital when she thinks Hyde fell off the water tower.
13. "The Immigrant Song" (524) --Jackie unsuccessfully denies that she still cares about Hyde when she came to see him at the hospital.
14. "The Kids Are Alright" (601) -- Jackie tells Hyde she chooses him (over Kelso and being alone).
15. "Magic Bus" (603) --Jackie tells Hyde she was afraid she lost her pudding pop forever.
16. "I'm Free" (605) -- Jackie gets angry at Kelso on Hyde's behalf, empathizing with Hyde's own empathy about Kelso's unborn kid potentially not having a father.
17. "Surprise Surprise" (710) --Jackie bakes Hyde cookies trying to cheer him up.
18. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (703) -- Jackie encourages Hyde to call his biological father, W.B., after their first meeting.
19. "Surprise Surprise" (710) -- Jackie helps Hyde throw the rock hard cookies at the boys in revenge for teasing Hyde.
20. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (703) -- Jackie says every time something means a lot to her, she smothers it; then she hugs Hyde and says, "Which is
why were such a good couple."
21. "Over the Hills and Far Away" (510) --Jackie promises Hyde she won't cheat on him while they go away to different colleges over the weekend.
22. "The Seeker" (625) -- Jackie goes with Hyde to meet his biological father.
23. "Let's Spend the Night Together" (702) -- Jackie stands up for Hyde against his biological father.
24. "Let's Spend the Night Together" (702) -- Jackie listens to and comforts Hyde about W.B.'s mischaracterization of Hyde.
25. "Let's Spend the Night Together" (702) -- Jackie stays by Hyde's side while he is meeting his father for the first time.
26. "Angie" (708) -- Jackie avenges the wrongs Angie does to Hyde.
27. "It's Only Rock and Roll" (705) --Jackie packs Hyde a lunch on his first day of work.
28. "It's Only Rock and Roll" (705) -- Jackie brings Hyde a suit to wear at his new job.
29. "It's Only Rock and Roll" (705) -- Jackie gives Hyde a troll doll for his new job.
30. "Beast of Burden" (704) -- Jackie tells Hyde if working at Red's muffler shop will make him happier, then she's happy.
31. "Beast of Burden" (704) --Jackie takes pictures of Hyde with WB.
32. "I Can See for Miles" (611) -- Jackie redecorates Hyde's room to make it more comfortable for him.
33. "I Can See for Miles" (611) -- Jackie was about to burst with excitement showing Hyde his room.
34. "I Can See for Miles" (611) -- Jackie puts the furniture and decorations back in Hyde's room again, after he'd told her to take it all out then misses it.
35. "I Can See for Miles" (611) -- Jackie sits down and cuddles with Hyde after he admitted the twinkle lights were breathtaking.
36. "Do You Think It's Alright?" (618) -- Jackie knows she violated Hyde's no-wedding-obsession rule and tells him to yell at her.
37. "Do You Think It's Alright?" (618) -- Jackie gets really excited when Hyde tells her she is beautiful.
38. "Oh, Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')" (718) -- Jackie feeds Hyde funnel cake.
39. "Oh, Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')" (718) -- Jackie goes to the car show with Hyde even though she has no interest in it.
40. "The Kids Are Alright" (601) -- Jackie forgives Hyde for his passive-aggressive way of breaking up with her (i.e. sleeping with the nurse).
41. "Magic Bus" (603) -- Jackie admits she can't keep her hands off her pudding pop.
42. "The Girl I Love" (511) -- Jackie changes her ways and asks Hyde to do things for her instead of demanding.
43. "Christmas" (607) -- Jackie buys a new outfit for Hyde for the Christmas dance.
44. "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" (514) -- Jackie tells Hyde he's the only one she wants to fight for.
45. "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" (514) -- Jackie actually does fight for Hyde.
46. "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" (514) -- Jackie doesn't back down when Hyde shouts he won't say "I love you" back.
47. "Nobody's Fault But Mine" (523) -- Jackie runs around looking for Steven everywhere wanting to explain what happened.
48. "Whole Lotta Love" (516) -- Jackie respects and absorbs Hyde's philosophy so much that she hides her birthday from him because she's "trying no to care so much about gifts and material things".
49. "Whole Lotta Love" (516) -- Jackie says she loves the present Steven got her for her birthday.
50.Various Episodes -- Jackie makes clear to Hyde that she wants her future to be with him.

~Behind the Scenes Zennie Moments and Info~

Jackie and Hyde's Diary entries from the original version of the official That '70s Show site.
Transcript of Mila and Danny's Interviews during a Canadian behind-the-scenes special.
A DM/MK picture from the T7S set.
Various DM/MK things: 1) a bit from an on-line chat with Mila 2) one of Fez's diary/journal entries from T7S's former official site. It has a J/H tidbit 3) an interview with Danny about season 5 before it aired and 4) a few Zennie pictures.
Deleted Moments from "Oh, Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')".
Deleted Zen gem from "Time Is On My Side" (701).
Cut bit from "On with the Show" after Hyde's line, “Hey, I was never happy. I was just less pissed off.”
David Trainer commentary on "Cat Fight Club," a cut bit of dialogue from "Jackie Bags Hyde," and some pics showing a subtle moment of Hyde's physical affection toward Jackie.
Cut bit from the end of the season 7 finale.
Cut dialogue/scenes from the hour-long season 7 finale.
DM/MK pictures.
Behind the Scenes Moment from "No Quarter".
What Hyde really would've looked like had DM been a teenager on T7S (a fanvid from Beethoven's 2nd).
Cool bit from the season 5 DVD, confirming that Hyde was in love with Jackie.
AK admits his own Zenniness.


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