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Two couples I've always said who ruined two good shows for me -


I haven't actually revisited LOST in years, because I'm so bitter at the contrived way in which they failed to wrap up the ongoing Kate/Jack/Sawyer triangle. Needless to say, when Kate's giving Jack this big speech in the finale about how she missed him so much and loves him etc I thought, "did the writers just give up and let the shippers write this stuff?" It just became sappy nonsense and didn't add up with the writing for her character in the early years. Kate can basically be summed up as Jack's Lapdog. Everything for her was about him, apparently. Even though she started out as this person who he loathed the idea of.

The Lucas/Peyton stuff never felt right to me, but especially after Season 2. You can't have Peyton experience all those intense feelings with Jake, only for her to turn around and say it was Lucas all along That was betrayal on Mark Schwahn's part, and I never bothered with the post-high school years because of this.

...Also, I always kinda hated the Naley romance. I thought it killed everything that was interesting about Nathan.

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