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Carrie and Brody, Homeland

I really don't understand what viewers saw in these two together (other than the OTT sex scenes, I mean.) So unbelievably toxic. Doomed from the beginning; she was SPYING on his family for months, invading their privacy, and he was a complete traitorous liar who was planning on betraying his loved ones and committing terrorism... Then suddenly they have sex and viewers act as if it's some great love story, like WHAT?

Carrie only behaves that way a) because she's skipped her medication and b) she's trying to con him into telling the truth about his intentions.

Also, there are so many people who said they gave up on the show when Brody was gone and I'm like, WHY??? He was reportedly meant to die or simply get found out in Season 1 but the writers opted out when they saw how the shippers went crazy for this Carrie/Brody thing, so in other words it was dragged out to the point where it became the ENTIRE show for some people... No, just no. The show was done with Brody when the truth about his alliances came out.

"I waited."
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