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Originally Posted by L i N d $ @ y (View Post)
Millie, I moved your post here so related questions are all in one thread.

We don't have a set rule where it says you can post after 48 hours. Normally for slower boards, it's okay to post after 24 hours or 48 hours if no one else has posted just to keep threads active and also for boards to not go over the 48-Hour rule. What we are not allowing is to post in succession because you can edit your posts if you want to say more.

We also don't want to be strict and enforce this as a rule because we want posters here to post whenever they want provided that they don't post in succession. Also I think this posting after 48 hours is to circumvent the 48-Hour rule, which is allowed, to help save the board.
Thanks for that Lindsay. I wasn't sure what the protocol was as I'd been corrected on threads on other boards after posting after 24 hours, and others told me 48. For the main reason of news!
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