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I'm glad he's concentrating on his acting career and really broadening his horizons and trying a wide variety of different roles, it's what makes him such a versatile actor, I definitely think he is capable of acting any kind of role!

But I just think it would be cool if Chris becomes a musician professionally too, he's really good at singing, his voice sounds a lot like a younger version of Sinatra's and he is proficient with the guitar. His talent in music also makes him an even more versatile performer, but not many people know about his musical talents. So I just think it would be cool if he would release his own music & become a musician professionally too so more people would know and appreciate his musical talents...but he doesn't seem to be interested in going down that road.

Anyway here's a recent paparazzi pic of Chris, it seems like the pic was taken while he was on his way to the rehearsals for the Golden Globe awards, he'll be presenting again this year

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