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Communications Team Member Opening Announcement ~ Deadline February 28, 2019

We are looking to add new members to our Communications Team.

Do you love Fan Forum and enjoy posting on Social Media, or wouldn't mind starting? Then this is the team for you!
You will help bring Fan Forum to people's attention by advertising the different events happening on the boards and the site in general.

The Communications Team is a group of Fan Forum members who use their time to promote, network, and link outside of the site itself.
This involves updating 's social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tumblr) with exciting links, news, and events happening here.
It also means contacting fan sites and securing partnerships between them and Fan Forum.

The position can entail any number of the following roles:
  • Update social networking sites on Fan Forum issues, events, board celebrations, watching parties, moderator openings, board customizations and other Fan Forum interests.
  • Promote the requests board polls at the beginning of each month, and any new forums that were added.
  • Look for affiliates for Fan Forum, linking popular websites to our boards to facilitate an interconnected web.
  • Use skills and knowledge you gain to help expand Fan Forum.
  • Help select and write a Board Spotlight each month.
  • Help handle questions and issues that are posted to the social network sites.

You would love to be on the team but real life is keeping you busy? No problem! We have two teams that members can choose to be on: Social Updates Team and Affiliate Contact Team. Members can still choose to be on both if they want, but it is there so that you don't get overwhelmed with having to do everything if you have limited time but would still like to be part of the team.
The true purpose of this team is to bring awareness to the greatness that is Fan Forum, as such this position is open to any interested member of Fan Forum who has been a member here for over six months as we want our members to really know about the forums we have here. This is to maximize efficiency and the ability to promote their knowledge of Fan Forum across this site and on the social networks. It is important that you have knowledge of how to use at least some social networking platforms and that you have the ability and time available to act as an official ambassador for Fan Forum on these sites.

If you're interested in applying for this position, please send a PM to Ray or Yvonné with the subject "Communications Team Application" along with the information below:
1. Your currently displayed username.
2. Your name/age.
3. How long you've been a member of Fan Forum and any boards you moderate, if you do.
4. A brief paragraph describing why you want to be a member of the Communications Team, and what you can bring to the Team if you get appointed to this position.
5. Which social networks you are familiar with.
6. How much time per week you can commit to the Communications Team.
The deadline for applying for this team is February 10, 2019.

We're excited to see lots of applicants for this fun and important team.
If you have any questions on the work of the Communications Team don't hesitate to post them here or pm one of us.

Ray & Yvonné,
Communications Team Managers
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A P P L Y to join our communications team!
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