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  1. Roomies {Kelly Severide ♥ Stella Kidd} #2:"Your opinion is the one that matters most."
  2. Emily Foster | Annie Ilonzeh #1: Because we know she's gonna be great!
  3. Kelly Severide | Taylor Kinney #3: "To hell with this. I got into this to save lives, not play leap frog."
  4. [Episode Discussion] Chicago PD - 6x01 - New Normal - SEASON PREMIERE
  5. [Episode Discussion] Chicago Fire - 7x01 - "A Closer Eye" - SEASON PREMIERE
  6. [Episode Discussion] Chicago Med - 4x01 - "Be My Better Half" - SEASON PREMIERE
  7. Sylvie Brett | Kara Killmer #03: "Look, the great thing about 51 is we don't baby anybody around here."
  8. Dr. Connor Rhodes | Colin Donnell #3: Plenty of room for two. Don't worry, you get used to it. Builds character.
  9. Surgeons {Connor Rhodes & Ava Bekker} #2: "You were right to put your trust in her. She is a first-rate surgeon."
  10. Besides One Chicago, what are you watching?? #8
  11. Joe Cruz | Joe Minoso #02: "Okay, it's not an IV, it's just a bag of peas. I got it, I got it."
  12. Leslie Shay | Lauren German #02: "What part of the cake did you get?"
  13. The Arson Twins { Dawson 🔥 Severide} #2: "Hey, you weren't worried, were you Dawson?" ~ Severide
  14. Badass Latina [Gabby Dawson/Monica Raymund]#3 "Are you this worried about male firefighters' emotional condition when they return from medical leave?"
  15. Sharon Goodwin | S. Epatha Merkerson #2: "Well, I'm sorry, Peter, but I thought this hospital's *foremost* interest was in treatment of patients."
  16. One Chicago [Guide] #2
  17. Ethan Choi & April Sexton #2: "Then what is it? You're the one who always told me how important family is"
  18. Leslie Shay & Gabriela Dawson #2: "Let me make it up to you, let me be your friend again."
  19. Adam Ruzek | Patrick Flueger #4: "I said we got it. If we need anymore of your help, we'll ask."
  20. Officer Kevin Atwater | LaRoyce Hawkins #2 "Burgess, I'm gonna tell you this right now. Don't walk down a road you can't come back from."
  21. Dr. Ethan Choi | Brian Tee #2: Seriously, what's up with him and instagram?
  22. One Chicago Hangman #12: -H- --PP--G PO---
  23. Dr. Ava Bekker | Norma Kuhling #2: "I believe that whenever you do something out of love, it can never really be wrong."
  24. Psychiatrists {Daniel Charles & Sarah Reese} #2: "Anybody ever tell you the etymology of the word "psychiatry"? "The medical treatment of the soul.""
  25. Chicago PD General Discussion #2
  26. Molly's (Off Topic) #8 because Chi-Hards keep chugging along!
  27. Maggie Lockwood | Marlyne Barrett #2: "But the ED's mine and nothing happens in my kingdom that I don't take responsibility for."
  28. Stella Kidd | Miranda Rae Mayo #02: "A girl's got to get proactive sometimes."
  29. Officer Kim Burgess | Marina Squerciati #4 "Sometimes my temper can hinder my ability to communicate."
  30. One Chicago Anti-ABCs #13: Mean ~ Nasty ~ Ominous
  31. Matthew Casey ♥ Gabriela Dawson #4: "We got back together because we love each other."
  32. The Women of One Chicago #2: "Women are tough. Tougher than you think."
  33. One Chicago Pictures #5: They're going back to set!
  34. Dr. Daniel Charles | Oliver Platt #2: "I'm a shrink in a sweater vest, not a secret agent."
  35. Chicago Med #3: "You're family. We rise and fall together."
  36. One Chicago ABCs #14: Halstead ~ Intelligence ~ Joe
  37. The Relatives Room #2: "When a family member ... somebody important in your life, wants to seek resolution, that's never a bad thing is it?"
  38. One Chicago Last Letter Game #12: Taylor - Reese - Ethan
  39. Sylvie and Antonio Thread #2: "Now, with that out of the way, um, do wanna ask me out? or should I ask you?"
  40. Besides One Chicago, what are you watching?? #7
  41. One Chicago Word Association #12: Unit - Hospital - Med
  42. Dr. Will Halstead | Nick Gehlfuss #2: "I made a mistake. I'm not perfect. But at least I admit it."
  43. Guest Stars #2: We're always looking forward to seeing who comes next.
  44. [Episode Discussion] Chicago Fire - 3x22 - "Category 5"
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  47. April Sexton | Yaya DaCosta #2:"Doesn't matter. It's family. It's blood. Time like this, they should be banding together."
  48. [Episode Discussion] Chicago Fire - 3x19 - "I Am the Apocalypse"
  49. [Episode Discussion] Chicago Fire - 3x18 - "Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional"
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