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  1. Message Board Closure Notice
  2. The Olivia Palermo Appreciation Thread #2: Because we're going to miss seeing her every week on The City!
  3. Speidi #3: Because We hope 2011 will bring us less of their famewhoring!
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  5. Jessica Appreciation #3: Because she's a grown up now!
  6. Brody Jenner #2: Because he's a hot tamale!
  7. LB Word Association #11
  8. The Believers (LC/Stephen) #9: Because they will always have undeniable chemistry
  9. The Hills #20: The show that is missed but never forgotten
  10. Kristin Cavallari #9 ~ Because blondes have more fun!
  11. Newport Harbor #2 - Long gone, but not forgotten!
  12. Post Count Thread: Because even though the show is done, posting is still a must!
  13. Sweet N' Sassy {Talan&Kristin} #3 - Because "You know it's y o u."
  14. Lo Bosworth #10: Because Lo has made us laugh through the years.
  15. The Laurens [Lo/LC] #16:Because we are happy knowing they always watch Glee together!
  16. Sweethearts (S/K) Appreciation #3: Because They Went To Every Dance Together
  17. Off-Topic #9: Because we have a major case of Bieber Fever!
  18. Justin Bobby #1: Because I want to ride on the back of his motorcycle!
  19. Team AWESOME [Lo, LC, Whit] #7: Because in our heads, they are always hanging out, texting and having pillow fights!
  20. LB 300 word story #3: California Gurls!
  21. Laguna ABC - Girls, Heidi, Interesting
  22. Lauren Conrad #12: Because the thought of her coming back makes us giddy
  23. Lo/Kristin #2: Because we love that Lo is standing up for Kristin!
  24. Twitter Thread #1: Because we love to know what they're doing!
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  26. Lauren and Brody #2: Because no matter what, they will always be great friends!
  27. Lo/Stephanie #1: Because "Lo is like my best friend."
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  29. The City Season Two Discussion ~ New season. New betrayals. New alliances.
  30. The Hills Season Six Discussion ~ Because it'll be tough to say goodbye.
  31. Interns [Lauren/Whitney] #5 ~ Because it's great to know that they're still the best of friends.
  32. Brody&Kristin #2 ~ Because we're hoping for a hook-up this season.
  33. Speidi #2: Because say goodbye to Speidi and hello to 'White Wolf' and 'Running Bear'.
  34. {Fashionista} The Whitney Port Appreciation Thread #2: Because it's great seeing her dream come true.
  35. The Hills #19: Because we want the new season NAO!
  36. LB Word Association #10
  37. The Laurens [Lo/LC] #15: Twitter: Keeping BFF's connected since 2008.
  38. Kristin Cavallari #8 ~ Because "no one remembers the nice girl."
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  40. Lo Bosworth #9 ~ Because we'd like to see her do something bigger than The Hills.
  41. Lauren Conrad #11: Because life after The Hills is suiting her
  42. Off Topic #8: Because we never not look forward to Friday
  43. Kelly Cutrone #1 ~ Because "Kell on Earth" premieres February 1st!
  44. Season One Thread #4: Because this one will always be in our hearts
  45. Interns [Lauren/Whitney] #4 ~ Because we miss their tiny office gossip.
  46. 50,000 Post Celebration! Come and Celebrate!
  47. LB 300 Word Story #2 ~ Life's a beach.
  48. The Laurens [Lo/LC] #14: Because "Love is a strong word, Lo. You, I love."
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  50. The City 2.10: Episode Discussion [12/1]