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  1. Stiles Stilinski #14: “Stiles will always be my favourite character, nothing is better than him” - Dylan O’Brien
  2. Father & Son [Stiles & Sheriff] #11: "Hang on, hang on, this little delinquent belongs to me" - Sheriff
  3. Posting Wolfies {Post Count} #7: Because we adore posting about our Dylan <3
  4. Media: News & Appearances #10: Because with all these new projects coming in for Dyl, 2019 is shaping up to be another good year.
  5. Team Human [Stiles & Allison] #4: "Allison's dead. And the only good thing is it looks like I'm dying too" - Stiles
  6. Dylan & the TW cast #3: "We're a family. We live together, we die together. That's it" - Tyler Hoechlin
  7. The Loft [Off Topic] #23: Because pretty soon it will be a whole new year with new Dylan projects to talk about.
  8. Stiles and his baby [Stiles/Jeep] #5:
  9. Dream Co-Stars Thread #2 - Who would be your ultimate Dylan co-star?
  10. Stiles & Isaac (Dylan & Daniel) #2: We would all love to see them star in something together as friends.
  11. Dylan's This or That #3: Dylan or Stiles?
  12. Besides Dylan projects, what are you watching? #17: There's lots to watch to keep us busy.
  13. Dylan's Guest Appearances #2: We want to see him guest starring in all of our favorite shows.
  14. Dylan Picture Thread #12: Because we always want more pictures of our Dylan.
  15. {Sweet Escape} | Thomas + Brenda [TMR] #2 - She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, then the lips.
  16. [Pure Hotness] | Void!Stiles #3: "You really have to learn not to trust a fox"
  17. Thomas & Teresa (The Last Two) #2: 'And then they were kissing. Something exploded within his chest burning away the tension & confusion & fear'
  18. Stiles+Jackson {Dylan&Colton} #2: "Come on Jackson, you're way too pretty to be out here all alone".
  19. Mitch Rapp [American Assassin] #4: "He’s (Mitch) testing through the roof. Speed. Focus. He’s off the charts"
  20. Red Hood|Sourwolf {Stiles ♥ Derek} #15: “IDK Derek, I think you two make a pretty good pair.”
  21. Please welcome could never leave you as your new Moderator!
  22. (Scott&Stiles/Dylan&Tyler) #11: "I think he was my friend. Maybe he was my best friend."
  23. @dylanobrien | [Twitter] #5: No, we don't stalk his Twitter. Does that sound believable?
  24. Anchors [Stiles ღ Malia] #7: "They've got a lot going on, but there's a special bond between the two, he's her person," - Shelley
  25. Stiles & Melissa McCall #2: "Get some rest." "Thanks mom."
  26. HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY, DYLAN O'BRIEN! (August 26th, 1991) Come and celebrate ★★★
  27. Dylan Anti-ABC's #14: Nope, Obnoxious, Petty....
  28. Dylan Videos #2: There will never be enough videos of Dylan to satiate us!
  29. {Runners} | Thomas + Minho [TMR] #2 - Thomas could only worry about Minho. "I'm going after him."
  30. Dylan Word Association #17
  31. Dylan O'Brien - Moderator Opening Announcement
  32. Besides Dylan projects, what are you watching? #16: There's lots to watch to keep us busy.
  33. Stiles + other characters #3: Because everyone wants to share scenes with our Stiles.
  34. Stiles Stilinski ♥ Lydia Martin #11: "Those powerful moments between Stiles and Lydia will have lasting impact." - JD
  35. Stiles Stilinski #13: "Next time I see him, I'll give him a field sobriety test, okay? We'll do the alphabet, start with "F," end with "U."
  36. The Loft [Off Topic] #22: Because besides Dylan O'Brien, what else is there to talk about?
  37. Hot Stuff [Body] #7 - Because long, lean and a hint of abs is where it's at ;)
  38. Dylan Animation Thread #11 - Dylan gifs galore!
  39. Three Word Game #14: I love Dylan!
  40. Media: News & Appearances #9: Because 2018 is looking to be very awesome for our Dylan.
  41. Father & Son [Stiles & Sheriff] #10: "It's ok Stiles. You still got me".
  42. Tell A Lie #13: I don't know why I wasted my money on the awful TW show.
  43. Stiles and his baby [Stiles/Jeep] #4: "You're bringing the jeep?" - Scott. "You know the plan okay? No one gets left behind" - Stiles.
  44. Team Human [Stiles & Allison] #3: “Allison was someone to Stiles, too, as well. It’s not like he didn’t have a relationship with her” - Dylan
  45. Red Hood|Sourwolf {Stiles ♥ Derek} #14: "Why don't you get down here a little closer, huh? We'll see how helpless I am." "Yeah, bitch."
  46. Besides Dylan projects, what are you watching? #15
  47. (Scott&Stiles/Dylan&Tyler) #10: "They’ll (Sciles) always just be able to talk & get along, and I think that’s totally like me & Tyler" - Dylan
  48. Anchors [Stiles ღ Malia] #6: Because the first time Malia kissed Stiles she had R-rated thoughts - HowlerCon2015
  49. Dylan ABC's #19: Dylan, Enchanting, funny ....
  50. Dylan O'Brien - Moderator Opening Announcement - Extended