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  1. Captain Lance {Sara Lance||Caity Lotz} #38: B/c she knows how to manage different legendary personality with ease.
  2. Legends of Tomorrow [4x05] "Tagumo Attacks!!!" ~ Episode Discussion (Airdate 11-19-2018)
  3. The Waverider [Off Topic] #54: Things Sports and WWE, Thanksgiving and Other Great Thoughts from Our Friends
  4. Rebels [Mick & Charlie] #1: "I believe we’re more alike than you think."
  5. Legends of Tomorrow [4x04] "Wet Hot American Bummer" ~ Episode Discussion (Airdate 11-12-2018)
  6. Hellblazer [John Constantine | Matt Ryan] #2: "Well, let's just say our souls have been one."
  7. Punk Rocker [Charlie | MRS] #1: "She definitely isn't Amaya."
  8. Social Media {CAST} #12: We love seeing them show off their dancing. singing, political and puppet moves!
  9. Legends of Tomorrow [4x03] "Dancing Queen" ~ Episode Discussion (Airdate 11-05-2018)
  10. DC Comics United [78] NEXT WATCH "Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay" TBD
  11. Season 4 General Discussion: While the team magically gets smaller, we will wait to see the women outnumber the men.
  12. Criminal & Assassin [Mick/Sara] #9: B/c there's a possibility that she'd be dead without him, so of course he's here to stay.
  13. Vigilante Club [Oliver & Sara] #10: B/c he kept saying Sara's name in his dream.
  14. The Waverider [Off Topic] #53: While Sarah is on emotionally high, T&D prepares for an Evolution!
  15. Legends of Tomorrow [4x02] "Witch Hunt" ~ Episode Discussion (Airdate 10-29-2018)
  16. Time Master Reports [News&Media] #11: OP/TITLE to be updated soon!
  17. [HUMANITY'S LAST HOPE] Board Guide & Introductions #7: Ride along to all your threads. [Updated 11/17/2018]
  18. DarhkAtom [Ray & Nora] #1: B/c he sees her as more than the darhk last name.
  19. Hell Canary [Sara & Constantine] #1: "I should definitely come to your aid more often."
  20. Legends of Tomorrow [4x1] "The Virgin Gary" ~ Episode Discussion (Airdate 10-22-2018)
  21. Besides LoT, What are You Watching #35
  22. Jefferson "Jax" Jackson {FIRESTORM | Franz Drameh} #11: "Damn, I look good."
  23. DC Comics United [77] Live Watch 11/01/2018 "Green Lantern: First Flight" @7pm est time
  24. Reverse Flash ϟ Man of Science [Eobard Thawne⌇ Matt Letscher] #17: B/c he'd rather keep you alive to endure his brilliance.
  25. Damien Darhk | Neal McDonough #11: "I wanna be clear about something. I have shown you repeatedly that you cannot beat me."
  26. Please Welcome Our New Affiliate "Wentworth Miller Source"!
  27. Please Welcome Our New Affiliate 'Caity Lotz Source'!
  28. The Waverider [Off Topic] #52: WWE, NFL and our Upcoming Returning and New Shows are the Things We Love About Fall
  29. Board (Re)Customization
  30. Siblings [Jax & Sara] #06: “You’re damn right, little brother.”
  31. Atom {Ray Palmer | Brandon Routh} #13: Because he became, "Atom to help people."
  32. VIXEN [Amaya Jiwe | Maisie Richardson-Sellers] #9: "You're [a lot] more fearsome than some pirate queen. With or without your totem."
  33. DC Comics United [76] Live Watch "Wonder Woman 2009 Animated Movie" @7PM est / 6pm ct
  34. White Canary {Sara Lance||Caity Lotz} #37: "League to Legend, to killer to captain. That's not a bad makeover, is it?" ~ Darhk
  35. The Waverider [Off Topic] #51: B/C the Inmates are Running the LoT Asylum While Tia is Away
  36. DC Comics United [75] Batman: Gotham Knight" Live Watch Scheduled for Thursday, 9/6/18
  37. Fantasy LoT Character Trivia #30: Partners Going One on One Vs Each Other
  38. Besides LoT, What are You Watching #34: There is always something to watch
  39. DC Comics United [74] Live Watch "Justice League: The New Frontier" 07/30 @7PM / 6PM ct
  40. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  41. The Waverider [Off Topic] #50: "Celebrating our 1000th New Thread HERE "
  42. Reverse Flash ϟ Man of Science [Eobard Thawne⌇ Matt Letscher] #16: Long live the speedster who never really dies!
  43. Countdown to Season 4 /#5/ [October 22, 2018]
  44. Fantasy LoT Character Trivia #29: Movie/ Tv Show Characters, Trivia Questions, GIFs, YTs and More
  45. Three Word Post {#28}
  46. Time Bureau [#2]: At least we got 2 awesome members from this group last season.
  47. Interim Legend [Gary | Adam Tsekhman] #1: At SDCC, 'Ballroom 20 just erupted in chants of, "Gary! Gary! Gary!"'
  48. LoT Hangman #20: S-m-e-o-e / e-se / --ar- / n-w / -a-g-a / th-ad- / p-eas-!
  49. Legends of Tomorrow Rant Thread #13: B/c We Rant about Weather, Whether or Not we like Reboots and Waiting for New Episodes to come Back
  50. TPAM #27: TPAM is Enjoying their Summer
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