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Old 07-12-2017, 10:41 PM
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Degrassi Next Class: Episode 410- #KThxBye (Ca- 7/14, Netflix- 7/7)

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Degrassi: Next Class - Season 4 - Episode 10 - #KThxBye

Originally Posted by TWC Central
The gowns are on and the*caps*are about to be thrown, it’s another Degrassi graduation! Zoë wonders how much support she’ll get as she prepares to make her valedictory*speech.

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Old 07-12-2017, 11:49 PM
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So I guess I'll put more whole season thoughts here. I don't have much to say other than I enjoyed the season overall. It's when I hate it that I go into big rants.

* So Zaya was endgame, sorta. I'm glad they left it up to the audience to decide, depending on how much you hate or like them. Maya's arc was pretty interesting, especially juxtaposed with Esme spiraling out of control. I did sort of feel like Olivia was sort of phoning it in compared to her previous performances, I hope it was just the director encouraging her to be sort of despondent because on everything that has happened and me just being crazy. And I missed her glasses. Zig finally redeemed himself to me after his cheating, it felt like he gotten just a tiny bit more mature in helping out both girls at the same time without feeling the need to cheat AGAIN and being insecure.

* Glad that it seems like they're not done with Esme, her arc of her completely fall apart was thrilling to watch and the actress is really good. It seems like the TPTB were trying to bring a character like this on the show for awhile (hinted with Leia and Imogen) but with no TeenNick restrictions, they could really go for it. I'm not sure how she'll fit in with next year's seniors but she already has a link being Shay's rival so there's that.

* I'm going to miss Goldi, I really wish they would've made the character a sophomore so she can be on longer. She does have a link with Baaz and Rasha so maybe she'll be recurring.

* Triles broke up!

Sorry for those who liked them, not a fan. At all.

* Yael's non-binary storyline was good, but like some had mentioned, I was surprised that they were being confused for a boy because to me, they didn't look all that different, just took off the wig and is wearing a tie. Like, if I saw them and Hunter walking down the street, I would just think he's dating a girl that doesn't like wearing girly stuff. I'm glad they broke up, if Hunter isn't comfortable with it then they should be together, I wish he was nicer about it.

* You know Shay, creatine is like, $20 at Wal-Mart and Amazon...

* Yikes, Frankie freaking lost it this season. I am sort of glad she did, she didn't really have any glaring negative traits in the previous seasons and now her immaturity is in full display. Like, I really wanted someone to tell her to get a grip. I was wondering why her friends weren't more helpful but I then I realized they're also a bit more mature than Frankie, what with Shay training hard and Lola basically helping her dad run the restaurant. I wonder if that is going to be a point of contention later on.

* Saad's story was sad, but I wish the show did make a stronger point with his initial argument and conveying it to the student body. It's awful when these things happen in Paris and Belgium and in America, but brown-skinned Muslims who die the most during these attacks are paid absolute dust and get banned from countries they're trying to flee to. It's totally not fair at all. It probably would've been hokey but I think the anvil should've been dropped here.

So yeah, good season, see y'all in January!
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Old 07-14-2017, 11:44 AM
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I'm just going to drop these off in here if you have watched the episode but haven't taken the dive into all the extras:

What Was Left Unsaid | The Past Hasn't Gone Anywhere
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Old 07-15-2017, 12:46 PM
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I guess this is a good place, to drop off this interview:
Degrassi: Next Class boss breaks down season 4's final moments

I don´t even really know, where to begin:

Not all Degrassi parents can overcome their homophobia. It´s sad but realistic. And it was really moving to see how Zoe´s friends stick by her. And even more so than in other generations where they were happy to move forward mostly on their own - this class, I think, will keep more in touch. And I also see Miles and Tristan keeping in touch as friends - maybe more someday.

That really was a great sendoff. IMO the best together with the "Time of my Life" sendoff. And I like how not all of them go straight to college but some use the time to travel (Miles and Winston), some use the time to find out what they want to be doing (Maya and Zig) and Tristan is concentrating on his health.

And as sad as it was, I was really happy, that in these last couple of episodes the Degrassi feeling I´ve missed since Zig´s retconning (107) and the start of S2, was there again. I even liked Zig´s interaction with Maya because they magically pulled Zig 1.0 out of their hat - which mostly worked for me thanks to the chemistry of Olivia and Ricardo. I guess when rewatching I´ll skip all the Zig 2.0 scenes (which is roughly the Zig of 3 NC seasons) and pretend he has never been there.

In the matter of endgame: I like it, that they let it open for Triles, Zaya and Goldie/Winston (are there suggestions for a ship name, yet?). In a way that works best for me. No last minute graduation break ups, no, they made it through graduation, so they´ll live happily ever after.

Last thougths: I guess, we´ll see Esme again because she didn´t get a sendoff. Hopefully, because I´d like to see what´s going to happen to her and maybe more interaction with Frankie.
Was it just me, or was it kinda weird that Lola and Saad were at the graduates last meeting? I mean, I understand Frankie - it´s her home, but even Hunter felt a bit out of place, because I can´t see him necessarily wanting to hang out with them. And is it Saad that hugs Zig and Tiny?
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Old 07-21-2017, 05:10 PM
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THE LAST ONE. i am so saddddd. Zig and Maya are my favorite Degrassi characters and its gonna be reallly hard saying goodbye to them. I cant believe that they are leaving already. I always considered them to be the third generation in my mind. (The first being the original gang with Manny, Ellie, Spinner etc. and the 2nd being the Holly j through Claire and Drew group) So it's crazy that they are leaving too. UGH.

The episode was really really good though. I liked seeing the aftermath of Prom. Zoe looked so beautiful in her dress! And Grace looks pretty too. (Sort of unrelated but what school does Prom and then Graduation the next day?)

Maya going after Esme was really sweet of her but I cant believe it was an hour that Esme waited there without telling anyone about Zig! Like, WTF! Her buying the motocycle for Zig later was so weird and Esme did call in the bomb threat after all... that was sort of expected. I'm glad they addressed that she's not graduating and it'll be interesting to see if they tackle more of her SL next season. I hope they do.

Maya finding Zig! THANK GOD HE WAS OKAY.

Jonah and Grace are really adorable. I finally like Jonah this season lol. And his little "when were you and miles friends?" to Maya was just EPIC because thats how degrassi works. Things change so much and people stop interacting. I found it really hilarious when Miles said "ah, the good old days." It was a nice little nugget thrown in there. Even though Tristan and Miles didn't get any 1 on 1 scenes I liked that we saw bits of them in the background of the episode.

I am glad that we got to see some more development with Zoe and her mother. It was skipped over that Rasha and her mom made amends though? It might have been better if instead Rasha said her relationship with her mom wasn't repairable right now and Zoe should try to make hers work or something. Seeing all her friends band around together for her was so cute. I like that they didnt resolve that and that instead she was able to find family within friends. It's realistic that not everything works out how you want it to. And I was really happy that she was able to give the rest of her speech. KTHNXBYE! Loved when Zoe said that.

I'm sick of all the Saad blame... that has to be extended on next season I hope... The Lola/Saad kiss was so cute though!

I really liked Maya's song in this one and the old photos was really cute. Olivia has a great voice. Zig and Maya at the party was cute. <3 I love that everything came together in this episode. All the storylines finally meshed. I didn't really realize that Goldi and Winston were graduating too. Who from the cast is actually returning next season?

The social media pictures at the end were SO CUTE! I love that we saw Grace had her surgery and was okay. I loved seeing Winston and Miles abroad, and Tristan getting better. AND I AM SO HAPPY THAT IT ENDED ON ZIG AND MAYA IN THE CAR SFDSFDSFSFS. That's endgame to me.

It was a fantastic season! I think one of my favorite for sure.
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Old 08-12-2017, 07:22 AM
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Zig x maya. perfect together. my babies. I really like zoe/rasha, jonah/grace are sweet, tristan/miles too, lola/saad. ugh I hate esme with zig. so much. She is so crazy.
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