Investment Plan Funding the infrastructure

Funding the infrastructure

The cumulative GSDP of Tamil Nadu over the next 11 years is estimated at Rs. 14,137,352 crore (at 2011 prices). The investment in infrastructure over the same period is estimated Rs. 15,00,000 crore. Of this an amount of Rs. 13,25,000 crore is estimated to be spent on infrastructure projects and Rs. 100,000 crore on administrative and social welfare programmes (welfare, subsidies, and other transfer payments) by the state. Further an estimated Rs. 75,000 crore will be spent on regular capital expenditure on improvements to existing infrastructure.

At present, the three major sources of funding infrastructure are State government (60%), Central Government (25%) and private sector (15%)25. Going forward, the share of the private sector is expected to increase while that of the State government will reduce. The expected funding mix of the infrastructure plan under Vision 2023 is as follows:

Year Investment in Infrastructure (Rs. crore) State Government (%) Central Government (%) Private Sector (%)
2010 25,000 60% 25% 15%
2016 93,705 33% 30% 37%
2023 237,690 28% 30% 42%

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