Investment Plan Human Development

Human Development

The Human development component of Vision 2023 covers the Education and Healthcare sectors. The total investments in these two sectors are estimated at Rs. 30,000 crore.


The key infrastructure development in the Healthcare sector is in the area of providing universal access to healthcare for all citizens. Some of the key initiatives proposed are:

  • Increase the capacity of primary and secondary healthcare network involving increasing the bed strength, addition of laboratory, radiology and dietary infrastructure of the hospitals.
  • 15 new medical colleges will be established attached to district hospitals and the 17 existing medical colleges cum district hospitals will be upgraded to international standards
  • Two Medi-cities will be created in the State with a mission to serve the medical tourism industry covering investment in hospital facilities, education facilities, logistics and hospitality services.
  • Trauma, ambulatory and disaster management care facilities will be undertaken along the major transport network of the state and laboratory chains cum collections centres and radiology chains will be established across the state.
  • Electronic medical records management and hospital management system will be implemented in all district and Taluk hospitals.


The total investments envisaged in the Education and Skill Development sector is about Rs 19,000 crore. The highlights of the investments in this sector are as follows:

  • Investment for upgrading middle and high schools.
  • Setting up Centres of Excellence across 11 identified areas.
  • Investments for high end vocational training and for providing minimal livelihood skills to 15 million persons and reskilling/skill enhancement for 5 million workers over the next 11 years to make them employable.

Summary of Investment

Projects Rs. Crore
Creation of Two Medi-Cities 4,000
Addition of 15 New Medical Colleges by upgrading district hospitals 2,000
Establishment of 10 New Private Medical Colleges 1,500
Strengthening of PHCs, Up gradation of Taluk & Non-Taluk Hospitals 750
Upgrading Existing Medical Colleges 750
Quality improvement of Public Health Institutions 400
Establishment of specialty centres for geriatrics, metal health, cancer, etc 400
Skill Development of Medical Personnel (Paramedical Staff) 300
Establishment of Trauma, Ambulatory care and Disaster management services 300
Establishment of 1000 collection laboratory/collection centres 300
Electronic medical record facility 300
Total 11,000

Summary of Investment

Projects Rs. Crore
Upgrading schools 5,000
Skill development for vocational training 11,000
Centres of Excellence 3,000
Total 19,000

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