Investment Plan Industrial and Commercial

Industrial and Commercial

Industrial and Commercial infrastructure comprises of two broad areas as follows:

  • Industrial infrastructure covering industrial estates, SEZs - Investment of Rs. 150,000 crore
  • Tourism projects coveting entertainment complexes hotels/resorts amounting to Rs. 10,000 crore of investment
Industrial Infrastructure

Industrial infrastructure comprises of land required for industrial activity and the cost of development of land to make it suitable for industrial use. It also includes the facilities required within the industrial area. The development projects considered are:

  • . Acquisition of 6,826 acres of land by SIPCOT for new and extension of existing industrial estates across the state
  • Acquisition of land by SIDCO for industrial estates across 25 locations in Tamil Nadu. The extent of land estimated to be acquired is 2,256 acres
  • Area development of Sriperumbudur industrial area
  • Development of the following industrial corridors:
    • Chennai - Ranipet
    • Ranipet - Hosur
    • Madurai - Thoothukudi
    • Coimbatore - Salem
    • Chennai - Trichy
    • Coimbatore - Salem
    • Coimbatore - Madurai
  • Establishment of a Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR)
  • Establishment of an Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR)
  • Establishment of three large industrial townships
  • Aerospace and logistics park near the green field airport
    • IMaCS estimates
    • Based on studies commissioned by SIPCOT
    • IMaCS estimates based on 2 above
    • Based on TIDCO’s estimates

Summary of Investment

Project Estimated infrastructure investment (Rs. Crore)
Sriperumbudur area development 5,0002
Madurai - Thoothukudi industrial corridor 25,0001
Chennai - Ranipet Corridor 17,0002
Ranipet - Hosur Corridor 30,0003
Coimbatore - Salem Corridor 10,0003
Chennai – Trichy Corridor 20,0003
Coimbatore – Madurai Corridor 10,0003
PCPIR 8,0004
ITIR 10,0004
Industrial townships (3 SEZs) 10,0001
Aerospace park 5,0001
Total 370,000
Project Number Rs. Crore
Development of world class theme parks and underwater parks 3 3,000
Development of heritage locations 10 1,000
Development of beach front and water sport facilities and resorts 2 2,000
Infrastructure development at locations of tourist interest 30 1,500
Other infrastructure development in tourist locations (including ADB project on tourism infrastructure) 2,500
Total 10,000

Tourism Infrastructure

Infrastructure for tourism includes development of hotels and resorts, theme parks, entertainment complexes, improvements to heritage and archaeological monuments, development of places of tourist interest and connectivity to places of tourist interest. The state targets a foreign tourist inflow of 15 million by 2023. The estimated total investment in various projects amounts to Rs. 10,000 crore.

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